Happy New Year, I’ve Missed You!

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Well, readers, how many of you do I have left? I just got home from teaching a Zumba class, and patting myself on the back for accomplishing one of my New Year’s resolutions for last year, while at the same time knowing my plans to write the first post that has been published here since August 2011. Sheesh! Well, it’s a new year and time for new commitments, but also for looking back at last year to see what was accomplished.

I wrote my list of resolutions on this blog last year as a way to keep myself accountable, and since most of them pertained to my e-commerce businesses it seemed appropriate. But how many did I accomplish? Here’s a shortened version of the list:


  1. Increase market understanding of AccurateTax: I can’t say that I really did a lot to increase media exposure to AccurateTax, but we did run some good advertising campaigns to bring in new business. 2012 has a lot in store with the proposed upcoming Main Street Fairness Act.
  2. Rework Click2Customer website: Talk about your last minute resolution-fulfillment! Last week we launched a brand new version of the Click2Customer website, with a new design and much better descriptions of what the service does. I just made it! This year, I want to increase our exposure of the product. We’ll be attending the Miva Merchant conference and maybe the Magento one too with the hopes of getting new customers to try the product.
  3. Update the FeedExact website with current list of comparison shopping engines supported: Check. This one was easy!
  4. Increase customer self-service options with better documentation (and possibly customer forums) across all three products: We accomplished some of this – my partner Pete made some great Click-2-Customer videos which we’re putting online at YouTube. We’re still toying with the idea of forums…
  5. Do regular email marketing for NetBlazon: Yeah, right? Let’s put this one on the list for 2012!
  6. Document and release already-completed modules for Miva Merchant 5: Sometimes resolutions change. We did get documentation online for those we’d released, but we took a break from adding any new modules. This isn’t our focus right now and we didn’t want to take away from the other things we wanted to work on. Tabled.
  7. Increase the frequency of DoublePlus posts to at least 2 per week: Did you notice how well I did on this for about 7 months? Woot! And then I let it fall off. Sometimes I have to wear too many hats, but this one is going back on my head for 2012.
  8. Explore ways to increase readership and subscribers, through things like popups, giveaways, contests: I’m torn between maintaining professionalism and getting more people over here, but I decided to err on the side of caution for now and forego the kitsch. I was lucky to get listed on Alltop, but not keeping the site updated made it fall off. I’m very disappointed with myself for that.
  9. Interact and socialize more through guest-posting and social media: I did a little guest posting and quite a bit of social media. Speaking of that, have you liked our Facebook page yet?
  10. Stop procrastinating!: YES YES YES! This one almost makes up for the Alltop delisting. My books are up-to-date, most of my client work is as well, and my overall stress level has decreased as a result.


Just a quick follow-up on these – yes, I am now a certified Zumba instructor, with additional licenses for Zumba Toning and Zumbatomic, the kids program. I taught at a local elementary school this past fall, and I currently teach one class a week at a local fitness studio. Zumba gives me something to do away from the computer, which I need for balance. And I did take the Jeopardy! online quiz, but Alex has yet to call. I’ll be trying again in January.

Please please stick around for 2012. I really appreciate all of you who are still here reading. May 2012 be the best year yet for all of us!




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