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Do you contribute to an e-commerce site that needs a little more oomph? OOMPH FOUND! DoublePlus offers how-to articles for e-commerce developers, and simple-to-understand articles that help store owners take their sites to the next level.

Susan Petracco

Hi there! My name is Susan Petracco, and I’ve been developing e-commerce websites and applications since 1998. I also love to write, and blog, so DoublePlus is my chance to do that. Consider it an online magazine for web-savvy entrepreneurs. My focus is on e-commerce how-tos, why-tos, and why-not-tos, featuring articles that relate to e-commerce site design, shopping cart development, store marketing, and backend subjects such as fulfillment, customer service, merchandising, and product sourcing.

If you are the owner of an business that participates in e-commerce, or a designer or developer of e-commerce sites, then this blog is for you. I hope you’ll find it educational…and entertaining.

I’ve spent my days, for the past umpteen years, doing design and development at NetBlazon, a company that my husband Pete and I started in 1999. In fact, you’ll see him blogging here occasionally too. We do e-commerce development using primarily Miva Merchant and Magento. When I’m away from the computer, I’m usually playing with my kids, reading, or doing Zumba.

Oh, one more thing…I am one of those people who needs constant validation. Show me the love by following me on Twitter or liking DoublePlus on Facebook, would you? Thanks!

XOXO, Susan

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